Housing Disrepair

Some helpful information for you to consider when you are thinking about making a claim against your landlord for Housing Disrepair

What repairs are covered?

Housing disrepair includes repairs to the structure, exterior and installations. This includes damp, leaks, repointing of brickwork, missing tiles, structural cracks,  boiler issues, no running or hot water or heating. It also covers issues that mean your home is unfit to live in because of poor conditions. The law changed on 20 March 2019 but not all tenancies are covered yet.

Why is Housing Disrepair a problem?

You've got the right to live in a home which is warm, watertight, safe and has basic amenities. Delays by landlords in carrying out repairs could affect your physical and mental health. Your landlord has a duty to carry out these repairs.

What are a landlords obligations?

Your landlord has the duty to carry out repairs that they are on notice of within a reasonable timescale. What is reasonable depends on the nature of the repair. A broken boiler in the winter should be repaired the same or next day for example. For more complex structural repairs your landlord should usually carry these out within a few weeks.

What should I do?

If you have repairs which you have notified your landlord about but they are failing to carry out then please do call us. We are here to make claiming for Housing Disrepair a more simple process.


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