Claims Management

Mis-Sold Lease

Free assessment of any claim you may have in relation to being mis-sold your leasehold property.

Do you believe that you were misadvised in the purchase of your home?


Almost half of new property purchasers over the last 10 years didn't realise they were purchasing a leasehold property.

Has your ground rent suddenly increased?

Ripped off?

The leasehold scandal came to light recently after it emerged that developers had been selling leasehold properties with high fees and spiralling ground rents attached.

Did you use the Solicitor who was recommended by the developer?


During the purchase process, your conveyancing solicitor should have warned you about the financial implications of the ground rent terms.

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Call Corvus today and our expert staff will give you a free consultation to assess whether you may have a claim for a mis-sold lease. We can introduce you to expert Solicitors who can fight your case. Most will offer this on a Conditional Fee Agreement or "No Win No Fee*".

*This may be subject to ATE (After the Event) Insurance, disbursement or other costs. We understand that customers typically pay between 25-50% of their compensation. Always check the retainer. In referring your claim, we will receive payment from any firms of Solicitors.  You may be able to resolve your case without incurring a fee by complaining directly or through a complaints service or ombudsman and you are under no obligation to use the services of this firm.