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Countdown to Homes (fitness for human habitation) Act 2018

The Countdown to the Homes (fitness for human habitation) Act 2018 is on... coming into force on 20 March 2020 for nearly all tenancies, the Act widens the responsibility upon landlords to ensure that their tenants are entitled to live in a safe and decent home.

If you are suffering with any of the following, you may be able to claim:-


  • mould and fungus on your walls, ceilings, floors;

  • Windows

  • Rodent and cockroach infestation

  • Flooding and water leaks

  • Defects to the structure of your property

  • Faulty boilers and electrical wiring

  • Problems with the roof, windows, gutters and drains

We believe everyone is entitled to somewhere that is safe a decent to call home. Call Corvus Legal support today on 0330 330 9728.

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