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Let's Get Ready To Crumble

The solution to Japanese knotweed may be in your kitchen according to the Boston Globe. In fact there is a restaurant that has Japanese Knotweed on their menu. Rumour has it the spring shoots taste a bit like rhubarb but less tart. Japanese Knotweed is also full of reservatol which has various health benefits.

For most of us however the thought of having Japanese Knotweed on our property is not very savoury. At Corvus Legal Support we aren't chefs but we do know that Japanese Knotweed can be a recipe for disaster.

If you are suffering with Japanese Knotweed from neighbouring land or were not advised as to the presence of Japanese knotweed when you recently purchased the property then you may be able to claim.

We are committed to helping anyone concerned about Japanese Knotweed get the advice and support that they need. We offer a free consultation service and work with expert Solicitors who can defend your home.

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