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Map of Japanese Knotweed Hot Spots

An article in the Express shows a map of Japanese Knotweed hot spots in the UK. The North West and South Wales are particularly affected with Network Rail and Council Land appearing to be a big problem. The article goes on to explain that Japanese Knotweed can be a killer to foundations and that approximately £200m a year has been spent on Japanese Knotweed removal.

Recently we've seen the stark effect that Japanese Knotweed can have on our clients' gardens which are being taken over by the plant. For many Brits instead of enjoying their garden this summer they'll be having to look at a towering menace. We don't think this is right and we are committed to helping anyone concerned about Japanese Knotweed get the advice and support that they need. We offer a free consultation service and work with expert Solicitors who can defend your home.

If you are suffering with Japanese Knotweed from neighbouring land or were not advised as to the presence of Japanese knotweed when you recently purchased the property then you may be able to claim.

Corvus Legal Support


See - https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1128392/Japanese-Knotweed-uk-map-what-does-japanese-knotweed-look-like-knotweed-outbreak

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